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What is 14K Gold Filled Jewelry Exactly? Let's Discuss

In Hawaii, we are always either surfing in the ocean or surrounded by the sun. Known for the tropical and sunny days year-round, Hawaii also has some crazy humidity! That’s why we use quality materials meant to last when making our jewelry pieces, like sterling silver and 14k yellow gold fill. You probably know about sterling silver, but we’re here to tell you a bit about 14k yellow gold fill! It’s the perfect alternative to solid 14k gold, without the price tag, and lasts just as long! 

We make some of the most beautiful gold-filled jewelry in Honolulu. All our jewels are handcrafted and made to the very best standard recommended by the industry. Feel free to browse through our collections.

three shell gold bracelets on her left wrist and fold shell earring with hair blowing in the wind Left hand floating over water with a reflection dancing across the water. Two gold dainty rings stacked on her middle finger and gold wave ring on her index finger. Women in a yellow bikini at the beach with gold filled jewelry. Two gold bracelets on her left wrist and five dainty rings on her fingers  

What is 14k gold-filled vs. solid 14k and gold plated? 

The gold-filled option offers an optimal balance of quality and value as it allows for durability and top quality that is just a step down from solid gold. By working with 14K gold-filled, we can provide you with high-quality products at an affordable price.

Not to be confused with gold plated metals, 14k gold-filled is much more durable. While gold plated metals will tarnish right after you get it wet, 14k gold-fill will last throughout your showers and water adventures! 


How is 14k gold-filled metal made? 

With 14K gold-filled jewelry, the process involves mechanically pressure bonding the gold to the core, typically made of high-quality jeweler’s brass, with a thick solid 14K gold layer. Through this process, which is highly regulated by industry standards, it results in a more resilient exterior that’s prone to tarnishing, flaking, or cracking. 

Can I wear 14k gold fill in the shower? 

-Yes, you can shower with 14k gold fill pieces (and sterling silver!). You can definitely keep on your jewelry during a shower. Still, we recommend taking off rings, especially, so the soaps don’t get stuck onto your pieces or tangled in your hair when brushing products through. 

Layered necklaces around her neck: Simple and dainty gold "J" necklace and circle disc chain


How do I care for it? 

-Each purchase comes with a pro polishing pad (yay!) If you see the metal turning a bit after a few years, it just needs a little polishing as oils and other residues collected over time. You can use this polishing pad on both sides until it is black! 

-Each piece is dainty, so you want to make sure to leave it in a safe area where it won’t get tangled. We recommend taking off your jewelry when sleeping. 

-Since all of our pieces are handmade, sometimes a solder joint will start to turn. We are always happy to offer repairs on each of our pieces purchased. Just message us and let us know what happened! 


Have more questions about gold-filled jewelry? Feel free to contact us and ask. We'd love to help!

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