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What is 14k Gold Fill? 

The short version: 14k Gold Fill is the next best thing from Solid 14k. Gold Fill is not the same as gold plated, which often tarnishes almost immediately after getting it wet. 14k Gold Fill can be worn in the water and won't make your skin tarnish! Read more about our blog here to learn why Gold Fill is so popular in Hawai'i.

Will my jewelry tarnish? 

Kolohe's 14K Gold Fill Jewelry does NOT tarnish or turn on the skin. The most that you will start to see minute discoloration on Gold Fill Metal is 20-30 years after your initial wears. What makes 14K Gold Fill so attractive to many shoppers is the metal's hypoallergenic qualities that allows people who are sensitive to Gold Plated or Gold Vermeil wear jewelry at a fraction of a Solid Gold cost.  The better you care for your jewelry, the longer you prolong the life of it! 


How do I care for my jewelry? 

Read our blog about jewelry care here.

How do I customize a piece? 

There are 3 ways you can customize a piece with Kolohe!

1. Shop from our online Customs Bar here

2. If you want a more in depth custom piece, email or direct message us on Instagram and we will send you photos before finalizing a piece

3. To get the full experience, visit us in store and create a piece from our Customs Bar on the spot! 

Does my order come with a warranty? 

Yes! We offer warranties on all pieces free of charge up to 90 days from delivery date. As our pieces are hand made in house, mistakes do happen but we want to make sure you are happy with your pieces! Our 90 day warranty covers: 

    • Manufacturing defects: broken chain, faulty clasp, etc
    • Errors/Item missing: wrong size or length, item missing, soldering errors, etc 
    • Please contact us here for warranty inquiries. 

Do you offer repairs? 

Yes! Please see our returns, repairs and exchanges policy here.

What is your return/exchange policy? 

Please see our returns, repairs and exchanges policy here.


How do I find my sizes and lengths? 

We always recommend measuring a string around the area your jewelry will be worn on or measuring a piece of jewelry that you already own. If you don't have either of these, check out our sizing guide here!