Meet Us.

We're 100% women run and operated. Did I mention we're all under 25? 

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Hi, I'm Rose. 

I started this business when I was 16 years old in my dads laundry room.

Now I'm 22 and I've upgraded from a laundry room to a retail store in a 4 star resort! This business has been my baby and watching it grow has been amazing, thanks to customers like you!

Follow our story and we promise to share more about us. One time, a woman's coverup got caught on fire on Black Friday in our store. We also once handmade 10,000 wave rings for a single order....yeah, we have a lot to share! 

We're proud to be Small Business and Handmade.

Each piece is carefully designed and handmade by our jewelry designers. Our jewelry is 14k gold fill or sterling silver, so don't have to worry about tarnishing (although we do recommend the occasional polish). Did I mention you can wear our jewelry in the water or in your shower? Yes, that means you can leave it on!

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We're here to bring you pretty jewelry...

...that makes you feel confident and beautiful! Our handmade pieces are made in collections every two months in small batches. 

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That means our jewelry is truly unique and made of love. We're designing and curating each piece for you. 

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Lasting Metals.

We use 14k gold fill and sterling silver so that your jewelry won't tarnish or make your skin go green. You can even wear them in water!

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Small Business.

When you support a small business, you support a community, a family and much more than a jewelry business. This also means we can control our business, like paying a fair wage, donating to charities and quality control.

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