3mm Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings Minimal Jewelry
5mm Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings for Earring Stackers
8mm Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings
Model wearing Gold Ball Stud Earrings in 14k Solid Gold, Fine Jewelry
8mm Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings
Model wearing 8mm Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings
14k Solid Gold Earring Layer Must Have Essentials for layering
14K Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings

14K Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings

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Classic and minimal. Our 14K Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings match any outfit and are perfect for when you are styling yourself for a more subdued aesthetic. 

  • Order by December 14 to arrive on-time for Christmas: Our pieces are handmade to order so we take the extra care and time to produce our jewelry.
  • Sustainably Sourced Materials: 14K Solid Gold
  • Tarnish Proof and Water Resistant
  • 2 Year Jewelry Repair Warranty 


Necklaces are one of the wardrobe staples in the jewelry world. Many of our pieces are made to layer beautifully together. The key is getting the right length, so we suggest measuring the length of a necklace you previously have or measure out the lengths with a string around your neck to find the right size. 

We also offer chain extenders up to 3 inches on most necklaces in case you want it adjustable. 

Kolohe’s tip: Layer 2” away for the perfect layered look. 

Gold Fill Necklace Length How to Layer Handmade Jewelry


Bracelets are meant to be worn differently. Some people prefer tighter while others prefer looser. We have a few different bracelet options: chain, cuff and bangle. Each fit differently so make sure to read to find your perfect size. 

Bracelet styles: Chain, Cuff and Bangle

Chain: To figure out your chain size, it’s easiest to put a string around your wrist to match the desired tightness or looseness of your bracelet. 

    • 1. Put a string around your wrist 
    • 2. Measure the string in inches on a measuring tape or ruler 
    • 3. Choose the bracelet size that most likely corresponds with the string lengths: (6”, 6.5”, 7”, 7.5” or 8”) 

 How to Find Bracelet Chain Size


 Cuff: Our cuffs are meant to fit tightly. Use the same steps to find your bracelet size and then use your bracelet length to match with the cuff size. Kolohe tip: most of our cuffs are slightly adjustable! 

    • Small Cuff Size: 6” or 6.5” 
    • Medium Cuff Size: 7” or 7.5” 
    • Large Cuff Size: 7.5” or 8” 

How to Find Bracelet Cuff Size Gold Fill Handmade Jewelry


Bangles: Most bangles are meant to lay a bit more loose on your wrist, as you often wear them stacked with other bangles or bracelets and it needs to fit over your wrist to go on. 


    • 1. Put your hand into a fist with your thumb inside 
    • 2. Wrap a string or a piece of paper around the widest part of your hand (typically the row of knuckles) 
    • 3. Measure the strings length and add .5 for comfort 
    • 4. The measurement will be the circumference of the bangle that best fits you: 7.25”, 7.5”, 8” or 8.5”

How to Find Bracelet Bangle Size Gold Fill Handmade Jewelry


There are three ways to measure your ring size, depending on what you have on hand. 


Measure an existing ring

  • Select an existing ring that fits the desired finger
  • Measure the internal diameter of the ring in mm
  • Use the chart to determine your ring size 

     Internal Diameter in MM 14.1 14.9 15.7 16.5 17.3 18.1 19.0 19.8 20.6 21.4 22.2
    US Ring Size 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


    Measure your finger

  • Wrap a strip of paper around your finger where you’d want your ring to be
  • Make sure that the paper is pulled tight to your finger to find your best fit
  • Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with a ruler in mm
  • Use the chart to determine your ring size 

    Circumference in MM 44.2 46.8 49.3 51.9 54.4 57 59.5 62.1 64.6 67.2 67.7
    US Ring Size 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


    Use a ring sizer

    We also recommend coming into our store or your local jewelry store to get the best fitting for your ring. Kolohe Tip: Measure all of your fingers and keep it somewhere!

    Each piece is carefully handcrafted in small and sustainable practices to reduce our waste and control our supply chain as much as possible.

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    14k Gold Fill is known for its properties to withstand sweat, water and sea, with a strong tarnish resistance.

    2 Year Warranty

    We get it, it happens. If your jewelry ever needs a repair, we'll repair it free of charge up to two years after your purchase. Jewelry (and customer service) that truly lasts.

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