Private Mother's Day Styling & Gift Buying Online


Style your gift this Mother's Day with Designer and Founder, Rose. Surprise her with a unique piece of jewelry designed by you because she deserves it. While we have to practice social distancing, you can still tell her you designed her a beautiful jewelry piece! 

The minimum purchase is $200, which will be charged when you book a private time. The booking fee will then be used for your jewelry pieces. 

  • Private booking options: Through video chat or message chat 
  • Length: 1-1.5 hours (We will contact you to discuss a time that is best)
  • Materials: 14k yellow gold fill, sterling silver or solid 14k
  • Local: Handmade in Hawaii, Designed by You
  • Further instructions will be sent to you after purchase
  • Tip: Send to your brother or husband who need help ;)