The Difference of the Extra Minute

The Difference of the Extra Minute

Every extra minute spent working is an extra investment to choosing your fate and sealing your future.

I love waking up to go to work. I love going to work. I love going home to rest for the next day of work, and I love everything in between.

 The only way to make sure you are putting in maximum effort is if you are obsessed with whatever your doing. Do something you enjoy and I promise you'll do a damn good job.


For my business, I love everything in between. And all of the in betweens usually benefit the business, one way or another. I'm so obsessed that I combine hanging out with my friends with business things. My kind of date is a date where we can both browse Alibaba products together. I absolutely cannot cannot hangout, just to hangout. I hate pointless conversations about stupid topics. I hate sitting around with other people. Don't get me wrong, I think that it's good to relax every once in awhile and be "brain dead", but I've created a business and lifestyle where I'm simply just obsessed.
I'd rather be working than doing anything else, really. And if I can squeeze in hanging out time with friends into something that's related to business, perfect!
Back to the importance of the extra minute spent working on something, each damn minutes counts. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep-how you spend it will determine your fate.
No, luck will not determine your fate. Chance will not determine your fate. You, your time, and some good old hard work will determine your fate.
Much easier said than done, this is still a concept I am learning to incorporate into my lifestyle-but I believe that even putting it out there and thinking about it is a closer step towards it.
No one is perfect, and no matter what I say-or you say-or anyone says, no one spends 100% of their day efficiently (and if you do, I'd like some tips!). But those small decisions made between spending an extra minute finishing up work versus spending an extra minute on Instagram-really does count.
I'll admit, my version of relaxing and being "brain dead" is watching Lucifer on Netflix. Why, you ask? I have no idea. Even when I tell myself, "okay just 15 more minutes", 15 can turn into 20, can turn into 45 minutes.
I'm not perfect, but I am trying to better my habits, and if you made it this far into this post-thanks for reading my blabbering! Much of the reason why I decided to start a blog, is to crack some sense into myself (and you).
I need constant reminders of the thoughts that run through my head (my goals, my ambition, my observations), and I figured a blog would be the perfect way to cremate my thoughts so I can return to them.
And hopefully you can learn something along the way! So let's do it together. The next time we say, "ok just 15 more minutes", make sure it's JUST 15 more minutes. The next time we catch ourselves making excuses to do something other than work, think about your future. Would this extra 15 minutes be more worthwhile spent on Netflix or on something else more beneficial? Not saying "you have to work 28/7 or else !!", but just a reminder that there are better ways to enjoy yourself more efficiently. Watch a Netflix show or movie about a successful startup, or a topic related to your job. 
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Because fortune favors the bold who get shit done. 

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