Tarnish Resistant Jewelry
A girl with a Vision.

In 2014, at 16 years old, Rose Wong founded Kolohe, a Hawaii-based jewelry brand that specializes in custom-designed jewelry made in-house.

A sibling of 7, Rose wanted to show her younger siblings that it's possible to pave your own path, despite the odds being against your favor. Now, Rose's purpose is to inspire and empower her customers, community and team through the beautiful storytelling of jewelry.

A team with Passion.

Kolohe is Hawaii’s Original Custom Jewelry Bar, and Rose and her all-female executive team are revolutionizing the modern jewelry industry with their innovative approach. 

Kolohe is known for its unique immersive retail experience, where clients can custom design their own jewelry on the spot. The ‘Alohilani Resort location also hosts regular jewelry-making classes for guests.

From curated sourcing to using only water-resistant metals, Kolohe makes jewelry that lasts years beyond gold plated or vermeil. Notably, Kolohe specializes in 14K Gold Fill Jewelry, a metal that is rising in popularity for its non-tarnish qualities, ability to withstand humidity, and a budget-friendly alternative to traditional solid gold. 

After experiencing more than 300% year-over-year sales growth with pieces ranging from $135 to $8,000, Rose is continuing to expand Kolohe’s selection, now creating custom, high-end wedding pieces for men and women.

To further expand Kolohe’s presence into the luxury market, the lead Jewelry Specialist at Kolohe is a GIA-Certified jeweler.

Kolohe /ko'-lo'-he. adj.

Hawaiian for Rascal. Kolohe means to be unique and different, to challenge norms and think outside of the box, to be unconventional.

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