The Power Stone You Need: How Herkimer Diamonds Amplify

The Herkimer Diamond Collection

In conjunction with the most recent launch of our Oasis by Kolohe line, The Herkimer Diamond Collection features a limited edition capsule inspired after POWER.

With inspiration taken after Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year ‘Ultimate Gray’, the Executive Team at Kolohe sought to design a collection that reflected a personality trait they all carried in common: the ability to manifest dreams into reality. The Herkimer Diamond does just that, it amplifies like no other crystal.


The Herkimer Diamond stone is a powerful quartz crystal and its energies put you at ease and will guide you in the right direction. We used this stone because it symbolizes power, strength and clarity. The stones are found in Herkimer, New York and the crystals have a diamond-like geometrical shape. Thus, the name “Herkimer Diamond”. These stones are the most powerful of all quartz crystals, as they are double terminated and have the ability to transmit their own energies while harnessing and magnifying the energy of other stones.

Unlike real diamonds, Herkimer Diamonds are mined above ground, making them more ethical and sustainable than mined diamonds. 

Herkimer Diamonds carry a raw quality that is genuine in abstraction, intended to highlight your natural beauty, without needing too much of anything else. 

As mentioned, ‘Ultimate Gray’ is a color that accents any natural look or more bold look to add elevation. Not only does the color convey the message of ‘strength and hopefulness’, gray is a color that compliments any complexion or outfit. 

We wanted it to be accessible so prices range from $165 to $2,500+ and each piece can be made in 14k Gold Fill or 14k Solid Gold. Each piece is designed and handmade by our jewelers in Hawai’i.

During our interview for Modern Luxury Hawai'i we were asked to describe this Herkimer Diamond Collection in three words: POWER. BOLDNESS. AND POISE. 

Our collections are made in small batches so go get one for yourself! 

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