Questions About Live

Purchasing & Orders

Can I add an extension to my jewelry piece?

  • Yes, we can add an extension to your piece for an additional $5.00

Can I shorten my jewelry piece?

  • Yes, we can shorten your piece for an additional $5.00

What if you forgot to add a piece to my invoice or you accidentally added an extra piece to my invoice?

  • Please let us know right away and we will send you an updated invoice with the correct information!

Can I use my gift card on this purchase?

  • Yes, we will add your gift card to the order and send you an updated invoice

Can I add an item from the website to my order?

  • Yes, absolutely! Just let us know which product you want to add and we'll send you an updated invoice!

Can I add a custom piece to my order?

  • Yes, but we may recommend making it a separate order. Our custom pieces take longer to create and fulfill. If you don't mind waiting a little longer for your pieces to be delivered, we can definitely add it to your Kolohe Live order. If you would like your Kolohe Live pieces to arrive sooner, then we will create a separate order for your custom piece. Place your custom piece inquiry here: and one of our jewelers will help design your piece!

Can I send this item to my friend?

  • Yes, just let us know which items you want to send, and provide your friend’s Full Name and Address.

How do I contact you for an inquiry?

  • You can email us at or message us on our Facebook Page.

How long will it take to ship?

  • We ship all orders out within 5-7 business days. For custom orders, we need time to collect all the materials and hand make each piece.

What if I want to add something else to my order?

  • If you want to add any other items to your order or make any order changes, you can email us at or message us on our Facebook Page.

Can you add a custom note?

  • Yes, absolutely! We can add a custom note to any order for an additional $5.00

Can you gift wrap?

  • Yes, we can gift wrap any order for an additional $10.00, just let us know!

What happens if I need a repair?

  • Any repairs needed within 6 months of the purchase date will be free of charge (shipping not included). Any repairs needed after 6 months will be priced on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of repair needed.

Will sale items be up on the website after?

  • Sale items will be available on the website after the Kolohe Live show. Some prices may differ because we often offer exclusive prices for our Live viewers.

Product Information

Will my jewelry tarnish or turn blue/green?

  • No, they will not tarnish. All of our jewelry pieces are 14k Yellow Gold Fill or Sterling Silver, so they will not tarnish, turn blue/green, or turn your skin blue/green!

How can I keep my jewelry clean?

  • You can keep your jewelry clean by using a pro polishing pad. We provide a pro polishing pad with every purchase so you can easily keep your jewelry clean!

Where is the jewelry made?

  • All of our pieces are handmade in Hawaii by our team of jewelers.

Where are your materials from?

  • All of our metals are from the United States, our Tahitian Pearls are from Tahiti, our sunrise shells are from Hawaii, and we source our beads and charms from trade shows around the world.