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Our Vision & Commitments

"I believe it's important for a company to have two visions: a business vision and a mindful community vision. Especially in this day and age when businesses can really make a difference"

-Rose Wong, Founder

Business Vision: To be a leading jewelry company with a destination retail focus through custom made craftsmanship, luxury partnerships, and elevated customer experiences.

Mindful Community Vision: To create something beautiful and unique, not only in our jewelry and work place, but also in our community.
To remember and give back to the very things that made us successful.
To connect woman through the one thing we all love: jewelry.
We are dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs and creatives in our community!

Our Commitments


A portion of all proceeds are given back to the community through our grants and scholarships for female creatives and entrepreneurs in Hawai'i.


We aim to bring together a community of mindful women worldwide through one thing we all love: jewelry.


Imagine all of the powerful woman in one room. Imagine what we could do! Imagine what we could share with each other to create a better community.