Our Top 5 Jewelry Picks for Fall Fashion

Our Top 5 Jewelry Picks for Fall Fashion

Effortlessly bold, versatile in style. Our Curb Chain Collection features our Top 5 Jewelry Pieces that pair perfectly with any fall trend in 2021

From colorful chunky knit sweaters, tailored coats, smooth leather jackets, or elevated loungewear...these uniquely designed jewelry pieces are bold enough to wear alone or can be layered together for an even more striking look. Even better, our jewelry can be worn everyday. So wether you're grabbing morning coffee (maybe that cliché but oh so good pumpkin spice latte), or turning heads with a well planned #ootd, our Curb Chain Collection will always refine your look to the next level. 

1. Mayari Stud Earrings

Mayari Curb Chain Earrings

You're never going to take these off. Our CEO Rose Wong and CMO Faithlyn Derla never do either. 

2. The Tala Necklace

Gold Fill Tala Necklace

So simple, yet so complex. This necklace is mainly compromised of our dainty classic chain but segmented with loud curb chain pieces. Much like a constellation in the night sky, it requires a closer look to catch your attention. But once it does, nothing can replicate its one-of-a-kind design.

3. Tala Bracelet

Tala Curb Chain Bracelet 

Because yes, you need the matching bracelet. 

4. Curb Chain Bar Bracelet 

Curb Chain Bar Bracelet

Everyone needs a statement piece. 

5. Curb Chain Toggle Clasp Necklace 

Curb Chain Toggle Clasp Necklace

Our favorite to wear against knits and sweaters. The thick curb chain contrasts well against textured fabrics and compliments a layered fall outfit rather than drowning in it.


There's more than meets the eye. Read more on how our Curb Chain Collection came to be:

The first ever Curb Chain Collection piece was actually created by one of our in-store designers, Jasmine. 

Each Kolohe jewelry designer has a different style and you can see it in the pieces. When you shop with us in store, you get to see each individual style of our designers as we only carry our one time design pieces in store. 

Known for her more intricate designs, Jasmine actually created this piece from our scrap metals. As we’re often creating custom pieces in store, we often cut chains to different lengths and save our scraps for recycling. Jasmine noticed the beauty in these scraps and matched the more masculine Curb Chain with our feminine Classic Chain. 

It instantly caught the eye of many people, including the Kolohe Ladies who began to wear Jasmine's piece. In several occasions, the team at Kolohe has sold the Tala Necklace and Tala Bracelet off of themselves. 

What’s special about Kolohe’s design, is that the design team always strives to make pieces unique that are wearable to today’s trends. The pieces are eye-catching, like a trend you didn’t know existed. 

“Since these pieces are made in house, we’re able to control the uniqueness of each piece. If we want to add some flare to a chain, we can easily do so without going through the steps of a traditional supply chain with a manufacturer”.

I think that’s the beauty of this collection and the beauty of our jewelry designers. Each has a different eye. Jasmine, for example, is very into holistic healing and spirituality. She isn’t drawn by social media or trends. So with the piece that she created, she wasn’t thinking about creating a trendy piece, she was purely thinking about creating something unique” - Rose Wong, CEO

You can shop these fall inspired jewelry pieces or the rest of our latest collection here

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